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At the start of quarantine, my little brother and fellow CotF bought a ton of shot glasses, wine glasses, and beer glasses for me to play with. He just asked me to make him a full set of each. I had just finished my porcelain jewelry trays so I think he was expecting something similar, but I'd already been thinking about learning how to do glass etchings- mostly to make shot glasses in honor of the fourth anniversary of our dad's death coming up in May- so I set all of the boxes on my project table and waited to have a few days free to work on them.

Those days finally came this week. Glass etching wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, mostly because I didn't have the right supplies for it. My stencil vinyl is great for painting but it didn't stick long enough for the glass etching cream to dry, which led to blurry, uneven lines and edges. It wouldn't curve with the glass either. The sponge applicators I bought were too wide to do evenly coat the design without going off of the stencil. I didn't have enough masking tape for more than a couple of glasses. But I did have safety googles, long gloves, a glass-etching-only hoodie, and a game plan to run into the shower without touching anything after I was finished. I really, really didn't want to have another repeat of the Great Monthlong Resin Allergy Incident. The etching wasn't quite visible enough so I actually used my grossly expensive art school degree to remember that I could use acrylic paint and bake it into the glass... and it'd still be dishwasher safe. I think these turned out pretty well but I'll be creating another version of each with color; the shot glass below was colored with this really subtle, metallic blue that I love for etched glass. It makes the design look like it's made from ice. I've got red, purple, blue, and gold too but I have a feeling that I won't like any of them as much as I like that metallic blue. Like always, I can do almost any custom design you have in mind- although size and colors are obviously limited.

Personalized Shot Glass, $10 Individual Pub Glass, $12 Set of Four Pub Glasses, $40

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