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It's been a crazy week. The last 80 hours specifically have been just absolutely, positively fucking terrible. A little corner of my world fell apart on Monday night and it seems like it's just been one awful up thing happening after another since then.

Vacation snap. It was pretty before it got ugly.

Something good came out of it though so that's nice I guess. And if I take a break from being melodramatic and mopey, I can kind of admit that it's good enough to actually be worth the hurt... But it does really, really hurt.

"You're adorable."

Sister Spider knows about hurt, right? So I updated my "Queen of the Dark Roast" design and put it on a cute pastel pink tumbler that I've spent the last few months staring at.


The color scheme of the illustration gives me Deadpool vibes so I like how it looks in vinyl a lot more. Way more toned down and quiet. I decided to make it even more minimal by getting rid of the pink fill on her mask, but then I started to kind of wish that the tumbler itself was a brighter pink to make up for it. I'm thinking about etching the words into the steel next time too.

Fewer layers.

I think it still works though. I'll test it out tomorrow morning. Maybe if things still hurt, I'll drink Irish coffee out of it. (It'll probably still hurt so I've already got the Bailey's out on the countertop.) Want one for your Irish coffee too? I have another already made in this shade of pink and two in a more Sister Spider-y shade coming this weekend.

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Update: Also nice.

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I guess the title says it all. I'm unplugging on 11/4.

All completed work and orders have either been emailed out or will be picked up by USPS/FedEx sometime tomorrow, 11/5. You should receive an automatic email with tracking information, if applicable. Please allow an extra day or two for delivery because of USPS delays from the election.

If I wasn't able to complete your work or fill your order before leaving, I issued a refund through your original payment method. You should receive an automatic email to let you know all of the details. It usually takes two or three business days to process.

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